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Step 1 

Calculate your emissions
The estimates on this page are based on Canadian data
To get a more accurate measure of your emissions, use the following grid

This is a car illustration to depict carbon emission from cars

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This is a plane illustration to depict carbon emission from plain trips

*If you have multiple flights, round up and calculate the total number of hours flown. Do not forget to calculate your layovers.

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This is a house illustration to depict carbon emission from owning a house

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Step 2

Buy your credits

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/ Carbon Credit


ECOTIERRA and the Université de Sherbrooke offer you the opportunity to offset your greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to campus ecosystem restoration and renewable energy research.

The purchase of any of the Université de Sherbrooke's carbon credits includes:

- An offset and VCS certified carbon credit (1 ton of CO2 equivalent)

- the planting of a tree on the Université de Sherbrooke's land

- a contribution, up to 20% of the purchase value, to the development of
renewable energy at the Université de Sherbrooke

- A contribution to the financing of internships and scholarships related to the field of
climate change and carbon offsetting

The program can be customized for those University groups that wish to do so.
For more details, please get in touch with us

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