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We work directly with small farmers to responsibly use land in order to accelerate communities' sustainable development, thereby tackling climate change and land degradation

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Our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the URAPI Fund for Sustainable Land Use.

This image shows a women coffee producer in the field.

ECOTIERRA is a unique, holistic, sustainable agroforestry project developer & operator.

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The ElevaFinca brand acts as a facilitator at origin for buyers, providing tailored solutions to meet their product inventory and environmental and social impact objectives.

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URAPI was created to break the deforestation and poverty cycle faced by many smallholders in forest frontier areas.

Light piercing through a forest. Hereford mountain in Quebec

URAPI  Sustainable Land Use Fund targets.


of participants involved


hectares reforested


hectares of forest conserved


tCO2eq. emissions sequestered and avoided


of new diversified revenues


Our partners contribute to the accomplishment of ECOTIERRA’s mission.

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IDH logo lying blue. The sustainable trade initiative
Logo of Filaction. Developpement fund
Restoration Seed Capital Facility. Full color

Have a look at the available positions here. We have offices in Canada, Colombia and Peru. 

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