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Europe Sales Manager

ECOTIERRA is a unique, holistic, sustainable agroforestry project developer & operator. Its mission is to work with small farmers to responsibly use land in order to accelerate communities’ sustainable development, thereby tackling climate change and land degradation.

Counting on a team of 25 professionals in 4 countries (Canada, Peru, Colombia and Ivory Coast), ECOTIERRA gathers recognized expertise in:

• Project management

• Understanding small-producers’ challenges and identify solutions

• Sustainable agroforestry

• Impact finance

• Carbon project

• IT sustainable reporting

• Market access

ECOTIERRA’s policies and procedures adhere to the UN Global Compact principles as well as the IFC performance standards. Guided by our vision and mission, we strive to, wherever possible, entrench sustainability standards in our procurement process and positively discriminate towards goods and service providers who demonstrate a commitment to these same values.

Sales territory:

Europe (initial focus in Western and Northern Europe)

Main responsibilities:

The main responsibility of the Europe Sales Manager will be the organization, execution, reporting and control of activities in the territory for the sale of commodities originated from within the ECOTIERRA projects, mainly:

  • Green coffee (certified and conventional),

  • Cocoa (in beans and sub products such as chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa butter, etc.),

  • Eventually other commodities.

Represent ECOTIERRA and its affiliates with commercial stakeholders in the territory (ECOTIERRA or its affiliates operating as an exporter contracted by the projects’ farming partners).

Contribute to ECOTIERRA’s overall commercial strategy and success in connection with its mission and values.


Develop the annual sales for the sales territory:

  • including setting of sales goals and objectives by clients and prospects,

  • in liaison with the ECOTIERRA team,

  • and in accordance with ECOTIERRA’s KPIs, mission and values.

Manage prospects and clients’ relationships.

Manage KPI reporting and control tools.

Reporting position

• Chief sales officer.


Degree and / or Bachelor in Foreign Trade, International Business, Administration, Economics and / or related (NOT EXCLUDING).

Necessary Competencies:

  • 4 years+ of experience in sales development/ purchasing of food commodities (green coffee in preference), in Western and/ or Northern Europe.

  • Communication skills (English, French and/ or Spanish in preference).

  • Goal-oriented and persistent.

  • Leadership skills, autonomy.

  • Alignment with ECOTIERRA and its field partners' mission and values.

Work place

• Western or Northern Europe.

Retainer and expenses

  • Contractual – Compensation commensurate with experience.

  • Representation expenses to be budgeted and committed in agreement with hierarchy.

  • Full time and exclusive.

Work status

  • Contracted as an independent, initially.

  • Legal work status in the working countries.

Start date

March 1st, 2020 or earlier if available.

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ECOTIERRA is please to say that we are now members of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.

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