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Impact over the SDG

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Gender- inclusive policy & certifications

Better income & food security

Increase in household income


Contributions to social goals

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased price thanks to higher quality and traceability

  • Revenue diversification (timber, honey and carbon)

  • Land use transition to sustainable agroforestry systems with a strong focus on diversification
    (inclusion of food crops)

  • Technical assistance to promote climate-smart agricultural practices

  • Both women and men will have equal access to project activities and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making

  • Fairtrade certification includes coop governance programs and activities to promote gender equality


Gender- inclusive policies & certifications

Infrastructure & 
credit access

Job creation


Contributions to economic goals

  • Each project creates about 50 new jobs

  • Cooperatives’ increased revenues also enhance their ability to create and sustain jobs

  • Each project includes implementation of infrastructure (e.g. coffee mills, collection centers, compost plants)

  • Cooperatives get access to credit to support their development

  • Patient micro-credit for land use transition

  • Coffee dry mills and other infrastructures improve quality and traceability, reduce transportation costs and therefore increase margins obtained by cooperatives and producers 

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Restore degraded land and sustainable forest management

Climate-smart agriculture
& forest conservation



Contributions to environmental goals

  • Implementation of agroforestry systems reduces needs for irrigation and agricultural inputs

  • Increased traceability

  • Support of cooperatives with organic and Fairtrade certifications

  • Implementation of agroforestry systems

  • Forest conservation and avoided deforestation

  • Coffee plantation renovation 

  • Transition to agroforestry systems with diversified native species

  • Forest conservation and avoided deforestation

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