Degraded lands

15% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation…and the number one cause of deforestation is migratory agriculture practice. Faced with declining yields, thousands of small producers have increased their farming area in order the meet their family’s basic needs.


While migratory agriculture is harsh for the environment, it’s a survival issue for small producers.


Agroforestry system implantation 

The introduction of sustainable agricultural practices in the form of a new agroforestry system based on shade-grown crops will allow small producers to convert their deforested and underperforming parcels into fairtrade organic certified parcels. 

ECOTIERRA partners with cooperatives to deliver the essential resources to achieve the transition to sustainable land use to small producers. Theses resources include: access to funding, support in project implementation, technical assistance, certifications, crop valorisation equipment and most importantly, road to market for their production. Together, all these ressource lead to higher revenues and reduction of deforestation.


Just by themselves these benefits would qualify the project as success…but they represent only a portion of the benefits derived from the project.


Reduction in soil erosion, improvement in water quantity/quality, protection of the biodiversity are all environmental benefits resulting from the project…and this while generating environmental assets in the form of carbon offsets.


Commodities production

Our team’s hands-on experience in managing the different certifications process coupled with our expertise in the development of new market for added-values commodities makes ECOTIERRA a valued partner for the participating cooperatives. Programs such as our ElevaFinca was designed to differentiate our partners' coffee and cocoa by highlighting the shared environmental vision and efforts made by our partners.


Carbon offset generation

While commodities in the form of coffee and cocoa generates strong financial impact… they are not the only ones. Our VCS certified projects, generates high quality carbon offsets for the voluntary carbon market. These carbon credits not only offer a diversified income stream forproducers they also serve as a success indicator for investors and traceability tool for commodity buyers.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Family revenue
  • New diversified revenues
  • Commodity sales price
  • Sales volumes
  • Number of families involved
  • Women participation
  • Cooperatives certified
  • Fairtrade premium reinvestment
  • Reduce deforestation hectares
  • Hectares reforested
  • Hectares of forest under conservation
  • tCO2e sequestration and emissions reduction



ECOTIERRA is please to say that we are now members of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.

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