MINKA monitoring tool

Developed by ECOTIERRA, MINKA is a database that gathers the baseline socio-economic, geographical information, photos as well as legal documents required in by external auditors for the acceptance of parcels inside our projects. Information is used to validate plots submitted and to collect the necessary information for monitoring and reporting of the project’s progress and impacts.
All data needed is included in MINKA and is available in real time (online) to all the project partners and stakeholders. Project reports and monitoring reports needed by auditors can all be generated by MINKA.

MINKA and its uses have been tested during the validation of many ECOTIERRA projects including Shade Coffee and Cocoa Reforestation Project (SCCRP).

Baseline data gathering
Information sharing with stakeholders
Activities information collection
Generate key performance indicators


ECOTIERRA is please to say that we are now members of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.

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