Impact Report 2020

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As we took stock of the unusual year to write our first impact report, we were delighted to realize how much we were able to achieve under challenging circumstances.

The challenges were many. 

Farmers and cooperative leaders had to prioritize immediate emergencies such as ill family members and staff, cancellations of sales contracts, shortages of labour, limited ability to travel, etc. Farmers’ aversion to risk grew, rightly so. Construction permits were delayed due to the temporary closing of government offices. And the list goes on.

Despite all of the above, we launched operations for two projects, one in Colombia and one in Canada, and recruited 8 new staff members. One hundred additional farmers joined our financial support program in Peru. We planted 69,000 shade trees and 968,000 coffee trees. We developed new ways to work together and to communicate with each other. We raised more capital for the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund which finances ECOTIERRA’s origin projects. We advanced the construction of a state-of-the-art mill, co-owned by cooperatives, under new labor rules. We developed a mobile app for MinkaTM, our impact tracking system.

Staying put in 2020 allowed us to strengthen our foundations and relationships. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2021, as we hope to be able to travel again, meet and work face to face with our incredible partners and staff members on three continents.


Andréanne Grimard

ESG & Impact director

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